Frequently Asked Questions

We blend the latest technology and create an experience that’s fun and also social. You have the ability to instantly share your photos with others with real-time texting and through social media.

It’s simple and fun! Guests get ready at the touchscreen and choose if they’d like a printed photo strip or want to create a GIF or even Boomerang. You can then take as many photos as you like to make it perfect. Our speedy printers will then print out your photo strip for you to take with you. You can share the photos on the spot via text, email or social media as well!

Our printers very quickly create two individual 2X6 strips- one for the guest and one for a photo album. We also offer additional options like 4×6 prints as an a la carte upgrade.

We do Corporate Events for brands big and small! Photo Booths are a hit at almost every kind of group celebration. Corporate Christmas parties, School Proms, Graduations, Fundraisers, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras, Birthday parties, Reunions, and of course Weddings.

Booking early to reserve your date is always a great idea, no matter what vendor you’re working with. Bookings are done on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fast! Our printers take under 20 seconds to print your photos. By the time you’re done with the experience, the images will be ready for you to pick up!

The open air booth takes up around 8ft by 10ft of space at most including the backdrop. Have your own backdrop in mind? Perfect-it’ll take up even less in most cases.

Think of our photo booth as entertainment for your guests, where it allows people to express themselves in ways you couldn’t imagine. The photos we print for you as well as the online gallery will be a great reminder of the event.

Definitely! We work hand in hand with you to come up with a unique design for your event. Already have something in mind? No problem-we’ll make sure it’s exactly what you’re envisioning on the prints themselves.

Of course! Idle time is $30/hour. What’s idle time? Idle time is the time that your booth is setup and available but not in use for a period of time.

Sharing photos is a HUGE part of the experience! Once you’re satisfied with your photos, you have the option to be texted, emailed or on screen share your photos via social media like Twitter and Facebook. The photos will also be uploaded to the online gallery where you can then view and download them whenever you like!

We’ll coordinate with you before the event to find the perfect spot for it based on your venue and location. We do require access to a standard power supply within 50 feet of the booth.

It varies, but there have been more than 10 in a group shot. Since it’s not an enclosed booth, it’s easier to move folks around to get that perfect group shot without any sort of confinement.

Lots of cool props, that’s what! Some of our favorites include crazy sunglasses, funky hats, a chalk board to write your own messages on, and some good old fashioned lips and mustaches on sticks. Want custom props based on your theme? We got you!

Of course! We’ll be dressed appropriately for your event and will also be there beforehand to setup and then after the event to takedown. We’ll help guests to strike a perfect pose and answer any questions they have about the experience.

We’re based in Winston-Salem and travel throughout North Carolina, as well as parts of South Carolina and Virginia. If you’re outside of our service area, no problem! We love traveling to events and have a small travel fee.

Backdrops can really help convey the theme of your event, and we have a selection of backdrops that can suit your event. If you have a specific idea in mind, we’ll work with you to customize a backdrop.

You’ll have digital copies of the photos as soon as the first pictures are taken! They’ll also be uploaded right away to an online gallery where you can access them during the event and after for instant sharing to your family and friends!

Definitely! We can come up with a design based on your ideas, or we’ll work with you to customize everything from the graphics, font, and any text you’d like.

We use a very simple digital contract system to reserve the date and get everything in place. From there, our deposit is $100 and goes toward your final balance.

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